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Kill Mythic Mobs (Multiplayer improvement)

Kill Mythic Mobs (Multiplayer improvement)

[1.0.1] Add compatibility with MythicMobs

⚠️ Not compatible with Quests 5.0.0+

This is Mythic mobs module improvement that does allow Server Owners to specify Single, ANY or specific Set of Mythicmobs to be killed.
Provides an option for setting up Mob level condition, either 0 for Any, specific level killed or range of levels like 1-10.
It allows you to set custom objective message individually per Stage including %count% placeholder.


Compiled and tested on 1.16.5 and 1.17.1
No Guarantee and no support for older versions.
In 99% of cases it works with newer ones.

As of 6th of June 2022, users are buying a copy of the following project and are not guaranteed support or updates.
Property of Alien Labs: https://discord.gg/tFEeSHr8sS

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Total Downloads
First Release
31 Jul 2021
Last Release
14 Mar 2022

Version 1.0.1

14 Mar 2022, 04:50


dosen't count killed mobs I'm using Minecraft 1.16.5 I have quest 4.8.3 and mythic mobs 4.13.0 Pls someone help if the issue will be resolved i will give 5 stars

| 1.0.1 | 7 months ago roze_krielkip roze_krielkip

Worked perfectly on Spigot 1.19.4 Server! Using Quests version 4.8.2 and MythicMobs version 5.3.5!

| 1.0.1 | 8 months ago Omatatsu Omatatsu

very helpful for my server <3

| 1.0.1 | about 1 year ago accelate accelate

Very Good!

| 1.0.1 | over 2 years ago SmartGhost SmartGhost

Working just fine

| 1.0.0 | over 2 years ago WrinklyGamerCz WrinklyGamerCz

Works like a cham
Just the module I needed 

| 1.0.0 | over 2 years ago CJdragon CJdragon

Fantastic add on. I was previously using MythicMobsExtention by Bernie but they delete and abandoned it. This addon works so much better and is so easy to use. I love the %count% option also and how customizable it is.


Working perfectly on our 1.17 Server - make sure you pop it into your module folder not your plugin folder.


| 1.0.0 | over 2 years ago Cassi Cassi