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over 2 years ago
Java Tips, Tricks and Good Habbits

So, I decided the other day to seriously pick up JAVA for the first time. I've been googling videos and toying with it and was wondering what y'all use for software and what are some bad habits I might be able to avoid. Is there any good places to get decent support that's not just copy/paste tutorials? I tried those coding schools online and they where seriously just copy/paste tutorials and it was like Hey I can make something but I have no idea why I can make something....

I knew of Eclipse from other projects I worked with in the past but I decided to go with IntelliJ since there where a few more up-to-date videos explanations on spigot/IntelliJ set-ups. 

My goal was to try and dig into a DeathChest plugin and see about making something similar of my own device, I personally thought it would be a simple thing to do. I just wanted to make it simple: They die, It stuffs their stuff into a chest. Rinse and repeat. Wasn't to interested in adding any additional features or permissions to get started.