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Quest Improvements Bundle

Quest Improvements Bundle

[1.0.3] Bundle of many modules

⚠️ Not compatible with Quests 5.0.0+

This is Bundle pack containing following modules:
- Break Blocks
- Place Blocks
- Interact Blocks
- Craft Items
- Smelt Items
- Enchant Items
- Brew Potions
- Consume Items
- Talk to NPC
- Kill Mobs
- Kill NPCs
- Shear Sheep


1.The main feature that has been added to all of the modules is "ANY" feature allowing you to progress your Quest without specifying certain Mob or Block or Item.

2.It also adds Split function for example you want to create Quest `Cut some trees`. Now you can make a Block Break objective with Settings "OAK_LOG;SPRUCE_LOG;BIRCH_LOG;JUNGLE_LOG" etc... And it would count any tree log you specified to your Objective than rather having just one type.

3. It adds customization for Objective message. Quests by default doesn't allow change of objective colors that much. Now you can just color your message the way you want including your Progress placeholder. For example: You have a Quest Break Block default Quests would relate to "&aBreak &f or &bStone: &a0/1" (Example). With this option you can make your Objective Progress message different per Stage. Let's say you want to style it as "&4Break some &2Stones &4 for me: &70/1". Well now you are able to.



Compiled and tested on 1.16.5 and 1.17.1
No Guarantee and no support for older versions.
In 99% of cases it works with newer ones.

As of 6th of June 2022, users are buying a copy the following project and are not guaranteed support or updates.
Property of Alien Labs: https://discord.gg/tFEeSHr8sS

Purchase for 22.50 USD Other Releases


Total Downloads
First Release
08 Jul 2021
Last Release
30 Jul 2021

Version 1.0.3

30 Jul 2021, 20:44


Works Great! Author was super helpful with question. 10/10 would recommend for taking your quests even further.

| 1.0.3 | over 2 years ago forumkid22 forumkid22