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Quest Placeholder Revamped

Quest Placeholder Revamped

[1.0.1] Advanced Placeholder Bridge plugin

⚠️ Not compatible with Quests 5.0.0+

Ever wanted to have a tracking Placeholder for Quests?
Well now this is possible with downloading this bridge plugin you can now use 
%phr_quest% and %phr_tracked% 


https://prnt.sc/19h29wz - Selecting Quest 2 via right clicking Compass
https://prnt.sc/19h2bq4 - How does it looks like when placeholders used on Scoreboard.

https://prnt.sc/19h2cz0 - Selecting Quest 2 via right clicking Compass
https://prnt.sc/19h2ekj - How does it looks like when placeholders used on Scoreboard.


How does it work?
Whenever you accept a new quest it's automatically put as currently tracked quest.

If the Quest have more than 1 objective let's say:
Break Stone: 0/10
Kill Zombie: 0/10
Place Oak Log: 0/10


Then the Placeholder will shuffle around your objectives every 10 second while you are not doing anything.
But at the moment you update/progress any of your objective it will automatically switch to this objective.


Random Shuffle just selected "Place Oak Log: 0/10" to be visualized. But right after that you kill a zombie.
The plugin will automatically change it to "Kill Zombie" Objective and it would visualize "Kill Zombie: 1/10" etc...

The placeholder will not shuffle objectives that are already finished. Same example as above. Let's say you have finished "Kill Zombie: 10/10". This means random shuffle will not pick up or visualize Kill Zombie Objective. Since you have already done it. It would ONLY shuffle the objectives you still have remaining.

If during your tests you are not able to switch selected Quests via Compass. Please do not report it as a bug. Quests it's coded this way so whenever you are Admin and have World Edit jump compass permission. To prevent this function from working.
For testing purposes you can just remove your Admin permissions and it should work fine. 
Normal players without WorldEdit permissions shouldn't have any problem with usage of Compass and Selecting their tracked Quest.
In case you want to be Admin and still be able to switch Quests, DM me in Discord. I'll provide you with work around for that.
Permission you need to set to false is worldedit.navigation.jumpto
Permission you need to set to true is quests.compass
In order Compass Selector to work properly.

Further Questions you can ask me in Lectern Discord (Deadlykill#0001)


Compiled and tested on 1.16.5 and 1.17.1
No Guarantee and no support for older versions.
In 99% of cases it works with newer ones.

As of 6th of June 2022, users are buying a copy the following project and are not guaranteed support or updates.
Property of Alien Labs: https://discord.gg/tFEeSHr8sS

Purchase for 12.00 USD Other Releases


Total Downloads
First Release
08 Jul 2021
Last Release
08 Feb 2022
Bridge Plugins

Version 1.0.1

08 Feb 2022, 17:58


Great plugin, Amazing support, wonderful setup. 


 This is a great add-on for the Quest's Plugin, this will help out if anyone forgets their task or objective in a quest! Simple lines of code, and will always get support from Lethal! Wonderful developer in this community cant wait to see more! 


Keep up the great work! Absolutely love your work! 

| 1.0.0 | over 2 years ago zackdesign zackdesign