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Quests Core

Quests Core

[1.0.0] Quests advanced core bridge plugin

⚠️ Not compatible with Quests 5.0.0+

Quests Core it's a plugin that Bridge connect to Quests and has plans to provide several different customizations.
What does Quests Core feature now it's Auto-Quest start whenever they enter a Region.
Quite basic setup https://pastebin.com/zQTpLSPE 
You can set up to unlimited amount of Quests per region to check for.
The plugin checks first if player meets the requirements for a Quest and if he does it auto start it for him.
The messages shown on the video are also not visible. There are no messages send at all to Player.
Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQIth7wQSko

Planned features:
Quests Protection system. Where you can add "Quest Item" as protected items. Making players not able to lose the items of their inventory and upon finish of a quest or fail of a quest to automatically remove the Quest items from player inventory. (Quest Items are going to be Inventory-locked for the player)
Quests Silent System. Similar to /questadmin but entirely silent without having to see the CONSOLE has forced you Quest and any other messages.
Quests Override System. You ever wanted to change the output of Quests plugin once you finish a certain Quest? Well now you will be able to do that by simply overriding all the messages that it's going to send.

- WorldGuard 7+ It doesn't work on older versions (And would never work)
- Quests 4.0.6+


Compiled and tested on 1.16.5 and 1.17.1
No Guarantee and no support for older versions.
In 99% of cases it works with newer ones.

As of 6th of June 2022, users are buying a copy the following project and are not guaranteed support or updates.
Property of Alien Labs: https://discord.gg/tFEeSHr8sS

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Total Downloads
First Release
08 Sep 2021
Last Release
08 Sep 2021
Bridge Plugins

Version 1.0.0

08 Sep 2021, 21:10


Absolutely wonderful way to have quests auto-start. Support was super helpful even though the trouble was that I had multiple plugins named "quests" that I had previously installed and that was causing a problem. I restored the server to a previous backup (before the multiple quests plugins) made a clean install of the proper plugins and that fixed it. I recommend this plugin! 

| 1.0.0 | about 1 year ago dlock24 dlock24

great plugin shame you have to restart after every config? is there a way to reload that im missing?


| 1.0.0 | about 1 year ago CaptainKitKatz CaptainKitKatz